Collaborative Community Planning Hackathon of Toyoashi Three Universities - The 1st Ideathon and IT Seminar(Basic)

Sat, 18 Jun 2016 13:00 - 17:00 JST


This event is finished. Please register to the second ideathon!!

We will have the 1st Ideathon of Collaborative City Planing of Collaborative Community Planning Hackathon of Toyoashi Three Universities.
This event is a collaborative work of students with themes of improving Toyohashi life, such as solving problems, getting more secure, and making more fun. We call for student participants who want to collaborate and communicate with students of other universities who study other field, as well as who are interested in Toyohashi life. We welcome for students just who want to enjoy an event. We will prepare some prizes, and students who are going just to hunt them are okay.
We will also have the second ideathon on 2, July, the first hackathon on 3, Sept., and the second hackathon on 24, Sept. You are encouraged to participate to these successive events.
After ideathons and hackathons, we will have some opportunities to support applying your idea and prototype you made in these events to the Higashi Mikawa business contest. If you are interested in starting a business, don't miss this chance.

※Now, we also calls participants for the second ideathon. Please register on it, too.

- Student of Aichi University, Toyohashi Sozo University, or Toyohashi University of Technology.
- University or collage student who is Toyohashi resident.

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